About us


To be a leading technology Services company provider in the region through innovations everyday and enhancing the real world business to our clients.


Superior service at the forefront of our clients with Excellency in Professionalism and efficiency bringing together our own expertise and that of our partners to deliver Telecom & Power Solutions to small, medium and large organizations, electrical systems operations, and human resource management,  high Quality, Timely and Relevant services by bringing down costs and driving profitability.

Who we are

MAYSC offers a complete range of network services from Consulting to Project Management, Network Design, Deployment, Site Builds and Operation and Maintenance. Our aim is to provide practical solutions that will do more than just solve immediate problems.

Our human resource Management system offers support of projects through provision of Skilled, Semi-Skilled and None-Skilled labor for your daily needs.

Our solutions are delivered with comprehensive support and customer service and training

MAYSC will counsel and advise clients on technology strategies with our four step consulting process:

  • Understanding the current situation.
  • Defining the desired state.
  • Analysing the gap between these steps.
  • Recommending an action plan to move from the current state to the desired state

Maysc will help your company develop a suitable technology strategy and road map that meets your specific business requirements. We employ a balanced approach that combines a thorough understanding of business processes, with proven technology expertise.